9 Tips for Agents Exploring MLS Alternatives: A Comprehensive Guide to 2024 MLS Changes

Are MLS alternatives on the rise? Join us as we dive into the heated debate surrounding traditional MLS listing and syndication, uncovering concerns from real agents and advice from industry experts.

If you follow real estate content on social media, you’ve probably seen questions like these real examples show up on your feed:

First, industry changes that may impact how real estate is sold. Also, many agents wonder if there will be changes to how they are compensated for their work.

look at some concerns about MLS changes. After, we’ll look at the pros and cons of alternatives and 9 actionable tips agents can use to maximize their business and client success.

The Concerns Surrounding MLS Alternatives:

Facebook communities are flooded with concerns from agents about the MLS and potential alternatives. Some key worries include:

  1. Impact on sellers’ profits: Can these alternatives match the financial returns of the MLS?
  2. Replicating MLS exposure: Will other platforms provide the same visibility?
  3. Ethical considerations surrounding platforms like Zillow: Are these platforms upholding ethical standards? Do they help agents and clients?

These worries are real and have spurred discussion of alternatives. Let’s explore the pros and cons of MLS alternatives next.

The Pros and Cons of using MLS Alternatives:

First, look at some pros and cons of using an MLS alternative. Here are some key considerations:

  1. The MLS is established: It’s reliable and widely used by consumers and syndication platforms MLS.
  2. Alternatives Give New Options: Give other platforms a try. Alternatively, you can explore 3rd party platforms that play nice with the MLS, like EZ Real Estate Offer.
  3. Client Satisfaction: Alternative platforms might offer better transactions for your client; cutting the MLS out might be bad for your client. Put your client first!
  4. Getting Paid Fairly: You can use an MLS alternative to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality, service, or commissions.

Clearly, there are various perspectives and considerations surrounding MLS alternatives. After you’ve given them some thought, read below to explore actionable tips.

9 Tips for Agents Considering MLS Alternatives:

  1. Explore third-party platforms compatible with the MLS.
  2. Consider using bidding sites (like EZ Real Estate Offer!) to attract potential buyers.
  3. Take advantage of alternative listing platforms offered by your brokerage.
  4. Optimize your listings for online search engines.
  5. Utilize social media channels to promote your listings.
  6. Participate in local real estate networking events.
  7. Build your off-market buyers list.
  8. Collaborate with other agents for mutual benefits.
  9. Use the EZ Real Estate Offer approach to reach new buyers (and sellers!)

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to adapt to real estate changes head-on! Expand your reach by exploring third-party platforms compatible with the MLS, which will help you open doors to a wider audience of potential buyers and sellers (all without having to give up the MLS!). Consider platforms like the EZ Real Estate Platform, for instance, as a way to stay ahead.

Check out how one agent is THRIVING without relying on the MLS:


Whether advocating for a return to MLS reliance or embracing alternative platforms like EZ Real Estate Offer, agents must carefully consider the best strategy for their business and clients’ needs. First, keep learning and consider joining our Facebook Group for real estate agents. Then, learn more about becoming an EZ-Certified Agent to offer a new, revolutionary option to your clients.

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