Case Studies, Reviews, and Candid Comments from EZ Real Estate Offer Users

At a Glance

Our use-case is straightforward; we empower agents to win listings, negotiate offers transparently, and maximize their earnings with creative commission structures. We believe all agents and teams, small and large, should have access.

Agents using EZ Real Estate Offer have seen remarkable results that directly benefit consumers. Properties listed with our platform close faster while achieving higher sale prices. By streamlining transactions and fostering transparent communication, we enable agents to build trust with clients and deliver exceptional service to buyers and sellers alike. 

Typical Increase in Sales Price
Reduction in Days On Market
Agent Satisfaction
Consumer Satisfaction



$33k PaydayOne Listing
Seller Listed Because of EZ
175+ Buyers at Open House
33 Bids from Qualified Buyers
Accepted Cash Offer $70k+ Over Ask
9 Buyer Leads, 2 New Listings
...and even more in the pipeline!


Rhode Island

Making Up To 8.5%in commissions
Competing With the Bigshots
Loved By Buyers' Agents
Generating More Leads
Winning More Listings
Getting Paid More
..and doing more deals than ever.



$40k PaydayOne Listing
Seller Listed Because of EZ
50+ Showings
Cash Offer $145k+ Over Ask
Double-Sided the Deal
+1 Listing from "Just Sold" Postcard
...and it was a FSBO!

Our Agent Ambassadors

Here are some of our Agent Ambassadors: industry trailblazers who have achieved remarkable success using the EZ Real Estate Offer platform. They mentor fellow agents, leading the charge in introducing buyers and sellers to this game-changing option.

Joe Petno

Joe Petno Agent

Mona London

Mona London Agent

Monte Mohr

Monte Mohr

Melvin Burrell

Melvin Burrell

A Few Brokerages Our Agents Belong To:

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Tested & True: Founders Share Their Success

A glimpse into the story behind the EZ Real Estate Offer platform. Our founders have first-hand experience using the platform and developed it with real world impact at the forefront. 

Robert Head
"Having closed over 200 transactions with EZ Real Estate Offer, I've seen firsthand how this platform simplifies the process for both agents and clients. My goal is to make real estate accessible and straightforward for everyone, and EZ has proven instrumental in achieving that."
Robert Climer
Founder & Trainer
"With decades of experience in mortgages, I knew right away the EZ Real Estate Offer Platform would revolutionize the way people buy and sell homes. This platform is all about increasing transparency and making real estate transactions easy and fun. I love seeing agents come to life with excitement when they use the platform!"
Dave Elkins

National Outlets That Have Featured EZ Real Estate Offer

Agent Stories: Success at Every Step.

More Appointments.

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Sellers were looking for an EZ-Certified agent in Adriana's market. She completed her course and got same-day leads!
Even when you feel stuck, the EZ community has your back. We're not afraid to share what's working!

More Signed Listings.

Wendy and her team went on a competitive listing appointment and presented EZ Real Estate Offer for the first time. They left with a signed listing agreement!
"I am using the EZ Real Estate platform and the unique selling proposition to get in the door.  Once I'm in the door, I'm typically leaving with a listing agreement."
Bruce Hill | North Carolina
Agent & Coach

More Offers.

"...And then within the last few minutes, it's like back and forth, it's ping pong, and you'll see big jumps. We started at $675,000 and the bidding went up to $781,000."
Quinn Greenly | Nevada
EZ Agent
"It was invigorating to see how the bids were coming in. Our first bid was $553,000 and then we ended up with $613,000. We ended up with 33 bids on the EZ platform.
Alton Jones | California
EZ Agent

More Ways To Get Paid.

" We're closing deals left and right. We're getting paid. I'm getting paid more than I was on my other deals."
Donnie Bennett | Rhode Island
EZ Agent
"In my 39 years, I promise you, I've never seen something this exciting."
Monte Mohr | Tennessee
Broker and Trainer

"I Wish I Started Doing This
6 Months Ago"

-Alton Jones

Sold Celebrations:

Here’s a sampler of some bidding event success! You can check out more here.

Sellers can accept, reject, or negotiate any offer at any time.


Candid Comments

This gallery showcases some of the love for the EZ Platform, Team, Agents, and Community.

Strategic Partners & Vendor Relationships

Buyers and Sellers: Satisfied at Every Step.

"We were just about to sign away everything for $25,000. And now because of his new platform, we're going to be able to make over $100,000."
Clients of EZ Agent Joe Petno
“I have never ever used the listing agent as my agent... but I said, you know what? It's an online auction! Quinn explained how transparent the process is and I thought, "this is great, we're just going to do this!" It was one of the best decisions we've made."
Clients of EZ Agent Quinn Greenly
"Not only did Joe get that house listed on this great new platform, he saved my mom a ton of money in sellers' costs and commissions... I'm looking forward to working with this platform myself in my own business!"
Seller (Also a Real Estate Broker!)
Client of EZ Agent Joe Petno
"That platform is amazing. We sold it in three or four days for what I wanted on the list price plus the buyer paid all the commission. Joe Petno and his team did an amazing job keeping me informed. We got it closed. Within 15 days."
Client of EZ Agent Joe Petno
Real Estate 
Made EZ 
at every step