Real Estate Round Table: NAR Myths & What’s Working in 2024

Solving real estate problems with real EZ solutions | The Real Estate Round Table show with EZ Real Estate Offer

With news about the DOJ appeal and agents making mistakes about the proposed NAR settlement, let’s round table it with the EZ Real Estate Offer crew.

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We solve four problems laid out by NAR:
1. No seller concessions to buyers’ agents on MLS.
2. Commissions can only be listed on 3rd party sites
3. Buyers Agent Must Have A Signed Agreement With Buyer (And It’s Fixed)
4. VA Buyers: How Do They Finance, and How Does their Agent Get Paid?

We also share stories of agents generating leads, listings, and closings with the EZ process.

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0:00 NAR Settlement Update
3:00 What The NAR Says About Concessions (Many Agents are Mistaken!)
4:00 Impact on Loan Officers and VA Buyers
9:52 How Buyer’s Agreements are Changing
12:44 Double Siding Deals and Lead Generation (Platform Use Case) 14:34 What Does the NAR proposed settlement mean for Liability and Insurance?
18:43 3rd Party Sites and MLS Alternatives
20:07 What If You Want to Negotiate Your Commission Rate?
23:05 Why EZ Real Estate Offer Is the Best Real Estate Tool in 2024.

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