Strategies for Success in Real Estate Post-NAR Lawsuit: MLS Alternatives and Commission Solutions

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Episode Summary

In Episode 1, industry experts discuss the impact of the NAR lawsuit on buyer and seller commissions. Key topics include navigating the impacts of the NAR lawsuit settlement, educating buyers on changes, and using new platforms as a value-add in your real estate business. You’ll learn how to get better results for buyers and sellers and get paid without commission objections.

Episode Chapters
0:00 EZ Real Estate Offer Company Updates – About Us
9:19 New Example Buyer Commissions Form 2024
10:59 The NAR Lawsuit Explained: How Can Buyers Afford Commission
15:45 The NAR Lawsuit Explained: Seller Commissions, Concessions, and Attracting Buyers
17:25 How to Handle Commission Objections with Sliding Scale Offer
20:12 Using the EZ Platform to Get More Listings: 0% Commission Message
23:56 MLS Alternatives: Using New Platforms in 2024
28:08 Broker Owner Insights: Real Estate Industry Trends and Turnover
30:22 Why Use A Fee-Based Real Estate Transaction Platform?
32:52 How To Compete for Listings 2024
33:44 Benefits of Buying and Selling on the EZ Platform

Action Plan for 2024 NAR Changes

  1. Stay informed about the latest MLS forms, like Form 41C for buyer commission negotiations.
  2. Educate clients on the NAR lawsuit’s impact and how you can help them get the most out of the changes.
  3. Highlight platforms like EZ Real Estate Offer, where commissions are openly added to bid prices.
  4. Offer flexibility with a sliding commission scale to cater to clients’ preferences and needs.
  5. Highlight your value-added services to justify your commission rates.
  6. Educate buyers on changes in commission structures and their impact on transaction costs, particularly out-of-pocket closing costs.
  7. Continue learning and growing by having discussions with industry peers (follow this show and join our free community!

Episode Transcript

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