Creative Real Estate Commission Packages that Get You More Listings + Money

If you’re looking for a new way to get more listings and increase your earnings, the answer is creative real estate commission packages.

Imagine having the ability to offer sellers a 0% listing commission while still getting paid. This unique value proposition sparks curiosity and helps the seller save equity, making listing appointments and overcoming price objections easier than ever.

Donnie Bennett, a seasoned real estate agent, has cracked the code to thrive in this new era of real estate. Through creative commission packages and a strategic negotiation approach, Donnie has closed deals left and right without compromising his earnings.

You’ll learn what Donnie is doing, how he explains his process to sellers, and how he works alongside other agents to ensure smooth transactions. This quick guide will give you actionable tips so you can get more appointments, sign more listings, and ultimately earn more money!

You can start by watching Donnie’s video interview or reading our no-BS guide below.

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Getting More Listing Appointments

Donnie’s approach is rooted in wanting to break through market noise and establish himself as a household name in real estate. He was competing against a big-shot Realtor who was offering 0% commission.

Donnie knew that guy was doing huge numbers. How could he find similar success? The answer is to offer creative real estate commission packages.

Donnie found a new way that can work for you: by offering commission packages that start as low as 0%, you’re creating curiosity. Imagine the conversations this can spark and the opportunities it can generate. It’s a proven way to get more face-to-face appointments with potential clients who view you as an authority in real estate.

Hear Donnie Explain How He Competes With Low Commission Agents for Listings

How to win more listing appointments by raising curiosity with creative real estate commission packages in your marketing

Proof it Works: Donnie’s story about the listing that sold before going active demonstrates that his 0% listing commission package works. It’s an incredible value-add in his marketing. First, he gets his foot in the door. Then, he offers options and helps the seller figure out which works best for their goals. Finally, they agree on the right strategy together.

“With an online bidding event, the seller has the right to accept, reject, or counter any offer. That means it comes down to terms,” Donnie explains.

Presenting Price Options on Listing Appointments

Donnie’s mission is to revolutionize listing appointments through his creative real estate commission packages. He gives sellers attractive pricing options his competition does not.

Donnie presents a range of creative pricing structures, both traditional and cutting-edge. When Donnie offers the EZ Real Estate Offer option with as low as 0% listing commission, the seller realizes they can save more equity. Then, Donnie can easily explain to the seller the importance of pricing the property right to attract multiple offers.

Agents that use the EZ Real Estate Offer platform easily overcome pricing objections on listing appointments.

Become an EZ Real Estate Offer agent today!

Creative commission packages ideas: pricing it right and getting the seller to agree on listing appointment

Why It Works:

When Donnie engages with clients during listing appointments, including the buyer’s premium and the importance of pricing based on accurate market value, not inflated estimates from previous agents. Donnie explains how sellers react to the idea of pricing to attract multiple offers and why his creative real estate commission packages help make the idea *click!*.

How Donnie’s Getting Paid More on Deals

Contrary to conventional low-rate commission packages, Donnie doesn’t cut his pay; instead, he uses creative commission structures and often makes more than 6%.

What Donnie Does: Donnie structures listing strategies that meet the sellers’ needs. The final commission bills might involve any combination of buyer’s premiums and commissions.

Donnie’s Flexibility in Commission Packages

Donnie’s ability to adapt and utilize unique commission structures highlights an essential success strategy for anyone with a real estate business: explore creative ways to enhance your earnings rather than accepting lower rates.

The lesson: Don’t cut your pay – get creative with it.

Ensuring Buyer’s Agents Get Paid, Even After NAR Concession Changes

Donnie values buyer’s agents and prioritizes transparent transactions. He ensures fair compensation for buyer’s agents with his creative commission packages and, in turn, gets positive relationships and repeat business.

Buyers Agents Can Get Paid Fairly Without Seller Concessions: Here’s How.

Donnie addressed a buyer’s agent’s concerns about compensation recently. He took the time to explain the commission breakdown post-sale. The buyer’s agent understood how the EZ Real Estate Offer platform strategy works great for all parties. Then, the agent asked if Donnie does all his deals this way!

How Donnie Communicates With Hesitant Agents

Start Making More Money

You can start using the EZ Real Estate Offer Platform today and unlock the power of these proven strategies:

  • Offer sellers 0% listing commission to win more appointments.
  • Use creative commission packages to overcome price objections and maximize seller success.
  • Ensure transparent and fair compensation for buyer’s agents in every transaction.
  • Increase your overall earnings and become the go-to EZ agent in your market!

Don’t wait—become an EZ Real Estate Offer agent today. Get started now!

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