Real Estate Agents are Taking Courses and You Should, Too

Real Estate Agent Course

In the dynamic world of real estate, where competition is fierce and market trends evolve rapidly, standing out is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Real estate agents navigating this challenging landscape can distinguish themselves by investing in continuous learning through specialized courses. In this blog, we explore how a real estate agent course can be the game-changer agents need to not only survive but thrive in the industry.

The Changing Dynamics of Real Estate

As the real estate industry undergoes transformative changes, staying ahead requires a proactive approach. Knowing which way the industry is trending can be the difference of making it or not. Things like the NAR Lawsuit are shaking up the way things will be done in real estate forever. The recent class action lawsuit against NAR had the plaintiffs awarded $1.78 billion damages. Those represented in the lawsuit argued that commission splits in real estate unnecessarily increased the transaction cost for sellers. 

Having systems, like our bidding site, where seller’s no longer have to pay commissions to buyer agents can help you stand out as the go-to agent to work with. In order to list homes and use EZ Real Estate Platform, you need to sign up for our real estate agent course, and pass our certification test to make sure you understand how the system works.

Building a Strong Foundation

You are never done learning when it comes to your craft. Those that continue to invest in their education will always stand out from those that don’t. Being well versed in real estate knowledge helps build your confidence when dealing with clients or other agents. As a result, you will be able to handle diverse challenges with professionalism and expertise.

Harnessing Technology and Marketing Strategies

In the digital age, marketing prowess is paramount for success in real estate. It is no longer the business that people remember. It is you. You are the brand. So you need to promote yourself using social media. Most agents aren’t utilizing it to its best capabilities. According to Statista, over 91% of adults in the United States are on at least one social media platform, with Facebook being the number one social network. So how do you utilize it correctly? Have a marketing plan, create engaging content and understand how online platforms operate. 

Most agents don’t know what to create when it comes to content. In our program, you get access to hundreds of marketing templates and a digital marketing specialist. The templates are a great starting point on creating content that has been proven for other agents already. We are lucky to have a digital marketing specialist that has helped thousands of agents market themselves online. Think of it like having him in your office helping you market yourself better!

Networking and Community Engagement 

In real estate, you are only as strong as your network. In fact, according to, “34% of all actual closed business comes directly from an agent’s network”. Knowing how to build a network in real estate will make sure that you stay in business. Here are some quick tips for building your network.

  1. Attend real estate networking events to meet other agents
  2. Host your own networking events
  3. Develop business partnerships
  4. For a team of experts from related field
  5. Network on social media (like our member only group!)
  6. Network with out-of-town agents
  7. Network with other agents in town

As a certified EZ agent, you are welcomed into a member only group of other agents across the United States using the EZ Platform. In the group, you will be able to collaborate with industry experts and see what they are doing to maximize their business.

We all know in real estate that most agents keep their secrets close to their chest. Our group goes in the opposite direction when it comes to that. Our agents love to share what is working. Since we are nationwide, we also see agents sharing referrals to agents that they know in areas their clients are thinking of moving to.

Empowering Real Estate Agents for Long-Term Success

Real estate courses serve as an invaluable investment in an agent’s career. They provide the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the industry successfully. They help agents understand the changing dynamics in the industry, build a strong foundation, harness technology and marketing strategies, and build strong networks. Education is not a one-time effort. Rather, it is a continuous journey toward excellence and standing out in a competitive market.

I invite you to explore our real estate agent course as a natural progression in your professional development. Real Estate agents that can see the value in a program have the potential for transformation. It awaits those who embark on their educational journey.

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