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Why Agents Choose The EZ Real Estate Platform

More Leads, Less Effort

Increase quality leads effortlessly.

Transparent Commissions

Gain control and clarity over your pay.

Clear Pricing Power

Negotiate confidently with transparency

Efficient Transactions

Simplify deals for faster closings.

Join Over 400 Agents Thriving with the EZ Platform

If you’re wondering what other agents are doing to grow their business in spite of consumer misconceptions and changing real estate norms, the EZ Real Estate Offer platform is your solution. Gain access to cutting-edge solutions for commission management and price transparency and win listings easier than ever before with a 0% commission offer.

PLUS: With our unique platform structure, more than 20% of transactions on our platform result in the listing agent dual-siding the deal.

The Ultimate USP.

Offer the value clients are looking for! The EZ Real Estate Offer platform makes it easy to deliver.

0% Listing Commission

Wow listing prospects with a revolutionary approach—zero listing commission means more savings and money in their pocket!

Multiple Offers

Generate a buzz around your listings and watch as multiple offers flood in, creating excitement and driving up the value of your clients' properties.

Competitive Negotiations

Motivate competitive bidding with transparent offers: When buyers see others bidding competitively, they're motivated to submit their highest and best offers.

Simpler Closings

Streamline the closing process by allowing sellers to pick contingencies and terms, leading to hassle-free transactions and happy clients.

Student Testimonials

"I wish I was doing this 6 months ago!"
Alton Jones
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“We wouldn't have gotten the listing had we not had the EZ Real Estate Offer platform.”
Wendy Green

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EZ Real Estate Offer helps agents get paid through a buyer’s premium. This premium is transparently added to the purchase price and is seen buy buyers before an offer is made.

Many buyers come through the platform unrepresented, which creates additional opportunities for listing agents to find new clients or refer business out.

Though it’s as simple as it sounds, we know that sometimes “new” can take a few explanations to grasp. 

Consider booking a 1-on-1 and checking out this webinar where an agent explains the process to his team.

EZ Real Estate Offer is an innovative tool designed designed to bring transparency to all parties in a real estate transaction.

EZ Real Estate Platform benefits agents in multiple ways:

  • Increased Listings: Agents can secure listings they might otherwise lose due to competitive market conditions.
  • Better Way to Get Paid: EZ makes it possible to get paid through a fee, which is included in the final purchase price. 
  • Simplified Negotiations: Transparent fees remove the need to communicate with other agents over commissions; real-time offers make it easy for a seller to accept, reject, and negotiate an offer at any time.

EZ Real Estate Platform ensures transparency in several ways. When you create a listing, you can set up-front terms that any interested buyer will agree to before they make an offer. Additionally, each offer is visible in real-time. This makes it easy for sellers and their agents to consider offers and shows buyers what they’re competing against.

Absolutely! With EZ Real Estate Platform, agents can leverage transparent buyer fees to attract more competitive offers from buyers. This creates a win-win situation for both agents and their clients.

Testimonials and case studies showcase the success of EZ Real Estate Platform. Agents and consumers have experienced remarkable results, from saving on commissions to buying with 100% transparency. 

Want to speak with someone? Our co-founder has stories for days. Book a Call With Him! 

EZ Real Estate Platform benefits sellers in several key ways:

  • Increased Exposure: Sellers gain access to a broader pool of motivated buyers, leading to more offers and potentially higher sale prices.
  • Cost Savings: EZ Real Estate Platform has saved sellers over $5 million in commissions by offering a more cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate transactions.
  • Control and Transparency: Sellers have full control over listing terms and can see transparent buyer fees upfront, promoting trust and reducing negotiation hassles.
  • Faster Sales: With more streamlined negotiations and transparent terms, sellers can often achieve faster sales and closings.

EZ Real Estate Platform simplifies the selling process by providing clear insights into buyer fees and facilitating transparent negotiations. This transparency fosters smoother transactions and minimizes potential disputes. You can still arrange for inspections and appraisals as you please!

Yes! In fact, our course teaches students to offer both to sellers.

Using EZ Real Estate Platform allows sellers to save on commissions, gain more control over their listings, and attract qualified buyers.

You can still do everything you’re already doing, but with EZ, every step – from lead generation to marketing to offer negotiations gets easier.

EZ Real Estate Platform is ideal for sellers looking for a cost-effective and transparent way to list their properties. Whether you’re selling a primary residence, investment property, or land lot, EZ offers a viable alternative to traditional real estate transactions.

When a consumer fills out a form on our main website, they are pre-qualified and sent to an EZ-certified agent in the requested location. 

These leads are sent to our members for free.

We want our members to succeed.

Here is a brief overview of ongoing support members have access to:

Marketing Collateral: Access customizable flyers, digital ads, social media graphics, and email templates.

Scripts: Receive proven scripts for prospecting, listing presentations, buyer consultations, and negotiations.

Ongoing Training: Benefit from live webinars, on-demand learning resources, and personalized coaching sessions.

We also have a private community for EZ students to exchange ideas, marketing templates, referrals, and more.

EZ Real Estate Platform charges a flat rate of 1% of the sale price, capped at $5,000 per transaction. That’s something our members really love.

I’m ready to be an EZ Real Estate Offer agent!

Save 80% and secure lifetime access to the EZ Real Estate Platform.