Enterprise solution - multi sign on control and access for business owners

Superior solution to scale your business by using our premium service at an unbeatable value/agent or affiliate. Tailored for brokers and owners looking to equip their teams, and scale up their business, with the competitive advantage of EZREOffer.com, while assuring agent/affiliate income is achieved in compliance with any “cooperative compensation” laws.
Looking to grow your practice and revenue in a tough market? You can. Increase buyer access to your teams’ listed properties by 100% resulting in more total offers made, closings at higher average sales prices, and absolute sales transparency with all parties. Real Estate becomes “EZ” for everyone!

What is in the Enterprise Solution?

Superior Solution

Pound for pound the most cost-effective solution available from EZREOffer. Lowest cost per agent/affiliate use while retaining full control for enterprise owner licensee. Designed to cater to business owners in need of a turnkey method to increase sales and be immediately scalable to the needs of the enterprise. Custom quoted upon request.

Empower Your Brokerage

Maximize your enterprise performance leveraging the value of competitive advantage in both hiring and growing your teams. For individual “sales contributors”, a distinct competitive advantage increases their belief in their employer, their product, and their compensation and/or compensation reliability. The cost of losing & replacing high performing sales contributors is accepted as double the cost of retaining these same team members. The enterprise solution brings a distinct competitive advantage across your practice that is immediately scalable and repeatable as needed/when needed to drive profitability. Custom quoted upon request.


Multiple sales team members can immediately adapt to new Regulations and Laws that are demanding clarity for the sellers of homes. For enterprises with multiple sales contributors, risks from legal changes are much more significant than a single real estate agent that can exit the industry quickly. There is no need to be fearful of using a bid platform within your selling process today. The process enhances transparency for home sellers when shared in its simplicity and advantages for them. Everyone complies with the legal implications on your team while getting paid for the value of your brokerage services, and You the owner, will sleep better while growing your revenue and profitability.

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